Upcoming PC Hardware Price Changes

31 January 2021 12:00 Recomended Technologies

The new generation of GPUs hasn’t had the smooth launch that both customers and producers expected. The stock ran out in almost all official stores days after their release, and new GPUs are now as scarce as hen’s teeth in the current marketplaces. The only place you can find them is on scalper marketplaces where they come with ridiculously high price tags. Also, since miners have made the demand for these GPUs crazy high, normal consumers are forced to wait until they restock. Well, I’m afraid we’ve got bad news for anyone who’s waiting. If you thought scalpers and miners were affecting the GPU prices and stock, brace yourselves: GPUs will get even more expensive due to tariffs and other import/export expenses in the upcoming years.

China’s tariff exemptions have expired with the start of this fresh year, and prices are expected to rise significantly. Asus has already made statements about the matter, in which they mentioned that GPU and motherboard prices are expected to change due to logistical complications and import tariffs. The other leading giants in the industry: MSI, Zotac, EVGA, and Gigabyte will most likely follow suit. The price changes are very close; some have already been made in the past few weeks.

The tariffs range from 7.5% to 25%, and they aren’t limited to GPUs. This situation will most likely affect all PC hardware such as motherboards, SSDs, memories, PSUs, and cases. However, the main attention goes to GPUs, as most other hardware isn’t as expensive and doesn’t have as high a demand as GPUs. Considering the current state of the market and production, you will doubtless feel these price changes.

If you were planning to build a PC anywhere around early to mid-2021, you will be disappointed. Experts predict that the first and second quarters of the year will be the worst. The only positive aspect of this whole situation is local production and employment—manufacturers could send parts to local countries and have the computers assembled there, thereby avoiding unnecessary tariffs. Or they could move on to other countries with low-cost labor and fewer taxes to maintain fair prices for their products. However, these changes are highly unlikely to occur anytime soon, so building a brand new PC or upgrading your current one will soon be considered “luxury shopping.”

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