Frequently Asked Questions


Wall Charger

Can I charge my iPhone XR, iPad and Apple Iwatch at the same time?
Yes, you can charge multiple devices at the same time.
Is there a specific cable needed to quickly charge an iPhone X or iPad mini?
Simply use the standard cable that comes with the iPhone X.
Are USB and USB C cords suitable for this device?
Yes, of course.
Can this adapter be used in the EU with a main voltage of 220V?
Yes, this is a universal charger. You can use it both in the US and in Europe. This wall charger supports from 100V to 240V.
All ports with fast charging?
Two ports support fast charging. The upper USB A port is orange in color and the lower USB is type C.


How long is the cable?
The cable is 27 inches (70 cm) long.
Can I turn on the LED lights?
No, the backlight works constantly.
Will this work with PS4?
This hub should work with on original PS4.
Can I use it with my Xbox 360?
Yes, this USB hub will work with an Xbox 360.
Can I plug it into a USB Outlet in the wall and charge two devices at the same time?
Yes, you can plug this USB Hub into a USB outlet in the wall and charge two different devices at once.
Can I plug it into the USB port of the TV, and if I do, will the TV display all the flash drives in the hub?
Yes, of course. You can plug this USB Hub into the TV’s USB port. Once done, your TV will display all flash drives in the hub.
Can I use this to connect a USB mic, keyboard and mouse? Will every connection work? I only have two USB ports on the PC that I am creating.
Yes, this is a good solution for connecting a USB mic, keyboard, and mouse at the same time.
Do you need to install a driver?
No driver needed.
Works with USB 2.0?
Yes, this is backwards compatible, so 2.0 (or even the original USB 1.0/1.1 devices) will work at whatever speed it was designed for – so this won't "speed up" an old device.
Is it USB-powered or does it use an external power supply?
This USB hub doesn’t use an external power source.
Does it work well with a wireless mouse?
Yes, it does.
Can I connect an external hard drive?
Yes, you can plug in an external hard drive.
Can you use this USB hub to charge another device?
Yes, you can use this USB hub to charge your devices.
What is the hub warranty?
There is a 12-month warranty.
How many watts does each port provide?
If you connect this USB hub to 2.0 USB port, all of the ports on the USB hub will give you 2.5 watts total. If you connect this USB hub to 3.0 USB port, all of the ports on the USB hub will give you 4.5 watts total.
Can I connect the printer?
Yes, this device can work with a printer.
What is the maximum current it can handle in general? And for each USB port?
If you connect this USB hub to a USB 3.0 port, the maximum current will be 900 mA. If you connect this USB hub to a USB 2.0 port, the maximum current will be 500 mA. In both cases, the current will be shared between all devices connected to the USB hub. For example: If you plug the USB hub into a USB 3.0 port and connect just one device to the USB hub, then this device can get 900 mA. However, if you connect another device, this 900 mA will be shared between these two devices.
Can I use this to listen to videos from my Mac computer through my sophisticated devices.
You can attach USB speakers, earbuds or a headset to this device. If you have a USB connection to your hearing aids, the same may apply but check with your hearing aid maker to verify.
Does it really support 5Gbps?
Yes, USB 3.0 ports support 5Gbps.

Car сharger

Is this Google Pixel 5 compatible?
Yes, of course.
Will the product charge when the car is not running?
Yes, but the ignition must be switched to on.
Is it 3.1a charge (max) per USB port? So what would 6.2 have in common for both?
Yes, one port is 3.1a (max), but this is Smart Car Charger with intelligent distribution; therefore, total is 3.1a too.
Does it work on iPhone?
Yes, this car charger can work on an iPhone.
Does it work for Audi S4 2018?
It will work with any car that has a 12 volt "cigarette" adapter that it can plug into.