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We create gadgets with unique designs, which may help you to charge your devices in faster and more convenient ways.


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Unique design

We don’t create ordinary devices. Each device is created uniquely with special attention to design and convenience. This is our brand’s philosophy and mission.


The best materials and accessories are used in order to make your device work properly for many years with pleasant sensation, when you keep it in your hand.


All devices undergo laboratory tests and have international quality certificates.

Customer support

Each buyer of our products can get our support not only during the warranty period, but also after its expiration.

Buyers community

When you buy our device, you immediately join our buyers community and can enjoy secret promotions that are not posted on open access.

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68.000 sales on amazon
Scary Fear
Big R. from Texas
Josephine Winfrey
Don Con
Keven Bigelow Jr
Scary Fear
Ended up with two of these

I needed a USB hub for the new PC I was building as it has no ports in the front. I always need more ports and like them in the front so I can hook up my phone to transfer photos, my art tablet, USB sticks and other things.

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Mikhail Vassilyev
Best deal for charging and

For whatever reason I imagined it to be the size of a router or something because of how close up the pictures are but really it is about the size of a balled up fist. This makes sense considering there is just 4 USB

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J Miles
Great usb hub

I've had a couple of usb hubs that I use on my ps4 and this one is by far the best I've used. Very easy to use, just plug it up out of the box and it's good to go. No software installation or anything needed. Plus its usb

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Best usb hub for the price!

After searching for a while i finally came across this usb hub. The price is amazing, the unit charged on all 4 3.0 connections (most listed here don’t charge items) and it has really cool led lights that illuminate all the

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Great product

I plugged this into a usb extension cable to allow me to place the usb ports in a more convenient location on top of my desk. This is a smart design that is small but stands up in a slightly angled back

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Works As Advertised

I needed a USB expansion attachment because my work laptop has only two USB ports, which is not enough when I'm working at home or on the road. I considered the type that plugs directly into the port

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