NFT’s & the digital art – a brave new world full of possibilities in the digital realm.

09 January 2022 12:00 Recomended

NFT’s, NFT art, Non-Fungible Tokens, and so forth – kind of hard to grasp the whole idea of NFT, right? The art that seamlessly caricaturists the world of pre-existing tangible art gallerias, museums, historical pieces in a similar manner being sold for millions of dollars online is certainly something to take a deep dive into. In the last six months, NFT talk has evolved the dynamics while breaking the internet with various investors, analysts, early adopters, and digital masterminds scurrying the world-wide-web for the next piece of digital art.

From popular platforms like Twitter, CNN, TikTok, and many more, the trending topic of NFT digital art has left millions of people wondering, what is it and how can I make a move in a world full of possibilities that is evolving day by day because of digital currency.

Revolutionizing the creative industry – one art piece at a time

The recent rise in the unparalleled popularity of NFTs has certainly left an impact on the creative and design industry, with new players stepping in every day.

Let’s talk about the basics.

An NFT by definition is a digital asset that cohesively exists in the untapped digital universe, the user or viewer cannot touch it, but here’s the silver lining, you can ‘own’ it! It’s like having a real estate property on Jupiter’s moon, ‘Titan,’ but not being able to go there because, well it’s really far away.

NFT can be of any type, any nature, and it can be anything – an artwork, a digital file, an article, the deceleration of independence, a dank meme of a disaster girl being sold for half a million bucks, or a flying rainbow kitty – the possibilities are endless.

The Impact of NFTs for creators and artists.

Before the whole boom of cryptocurrency, apart from owning digital currency, users couldn’t actually own something that was completely like “digital”. Videos, pictures, motion graphics, and archival footages were passed around and repurposed, reposted, and revamped. Still, there was no singular opportunity to completely assume concrete ownership of any digital file or artwork. The spectacular rise of NFT’s has changed the subtleties allowing creators and creative maestros the authority to rent digital artworks out, sell them, and display them on their wish. To sell NFT’s, designers and creative artists need to get some kind of “legal” ownership of their artwork – so after the creation of NF art, it’s usually ‘minted’ or tokenized via the cryptocurrency service “blockchain.” Due to the stringent security measures of blockchain, any of your digital art masterpieces will lead solely to you that is the owner.

In the long run, this process will allow a plethora of digital artists to gain formal recognition for their art pieces in a similar manner like “Jackson Pollock.”

In this case, the selling and buying of crypto or NFT art holds the ultimate potential to transform the entire creative industry. Its emergence in the embryonic stages is the beginning of something that will change the upcoming timescale of art creation. It’s nothing short of a digital renaissance.

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