About the Kokovolta

2016 Year of foundation
98000 Devices sold
4.8/5 Amazon Rating
12 Staff

Brand Story

Kokovolta is not your regular run-of-the-mill technology brand. We are continually keeping our customers on their toes with our outstanding innovations. This has a lot to do with the way the company was created. Kokovolta was not built on a bed of roses. Instead, it took a lot of hard work, setbacks and comebacks. Let me take you through how this company was born, and you will see why we are the best technology company for you.

Kokovolta was launched in 2016, but there is a lot of backstory to it. My name is Andrew, and I am from Belarus. By profession, I am a designer with a strong intuition for innovations. In 2014, after I completed my university education, I got a job. The company that hired me was a large company that developed their products in China. So, I worked in Chinese factories and spent all my work hours doing what I loved. That is, developing new product models. Happy ending, right?

Alas, it was not meant to be. About a year later, things took a turn for the worst. In 2015, I lost my job. Things became very tough for me. So, I resorted to taking any job I could to be able to earn something, at least. My prior working experience also paved the way a bit for me as I was still in China and knew how to work with Chinese companies. The fact that I knew how to speak Russian, Chinese and English also did a lot to help me then.

It was during this time that I learned about Alienware as a brand. To be candid, I was very impressed with their design, and I fell in love with the brand. It was then that a brilliant thought came to mind. Why can’t all electronics be as cool? And so I decided to try and make products with designs as sleek as that of Alienware. I did not know then, but that was the start of Kokovolta. But, there was a significant problem – capital.

So, in 2016, I borrowed money from all my friends and moved to Hong Kong. It was in Hong Kong that I opened my company, Kokovolta. There, after seemingly endless hours of work, I launched my first product – USB Hub of Kokovolta. It was a smash hit! Today, the product sells not only in Hong Kong but also in several countries all over the world, including Canada, Japan, Australia and the United States. We do not plan to stop. Not now, not ever.

Our approach to product design and creation is unique as Kokovolta is aimed at providing our customers with the fantastic IT gadgets they need. Not just a clutter of motherboards and wires but practical technology tools that are need and will be used. Our rich history has a lot to with how we work and the gadgets we invent. At Kokovolta, we will give you the best that you deserve in IT gadgets. This is because we are one of the best, if not the best, at what we do.

Andrei Yurchanka,
Brand Founder

Time line


Creating a company

I originally met the Alienware products in 2015 and was influenced by their designer solutions. Then I wondered why all devices could not have such a cool design. I immediately got an idea of how USB hubs for computers should look, and then I decided to create such devices myself.


Entry into other markets

Two years had passed after the company establishment when I bought my products in the US and decided to represent them on other markets. By the end of 2018, my USB hubs has been launched in Canada, Mexico, Japan and Australia.


New products

It was in 2019 when I got an idea of how charging devices for mobile phones under the Kokovolta brand should look. Thus, I developed two new devices: the Wall Charger and Car Charger.


Birth of KokoChan

A cyborg girl Kokovolta was born in 2020. She’s the image of Kokovolta brand. She was created by a great painter, Gui Guimaraes.



Kokovolta products became available in Walmart.


Products from our brand

Unique design

We don’t create ordinary devices. Each device is created uniquely with special attention to design and convenience. This is our brand’s philosophy and mission.


The best materials and accessories are used in order to make your device work properly for many years with pleasant sensation, when you keep it in your hand.


All devices undergo laboratory tests and have international quality certificates.

Customer support

Each buyer of our products can get our support not only during the warranty period, but also after its expiration.

Buyers community

When you buy our device, you immediately join our buyers community and can enjoy secret promotions that are not posted on open access.



Our products are recommended by Amazon


We have received about 5000 reviews from the clients with an average rating of 4.5 stars


Our products are sold in more than 5 countries

The brand's mission

Make everyday devices beautiful and convenient for use in order to delight you during each interaction with them.

Brand goal

Present materials, technologies and quality of premium brands for adequate prices.

Brand principles

Create only those devices that are safe.

Kokovolta team

Andrei Yurchanka CEO / Founder of the Brand
Evgeniya Shpak CMO / Chief Marketing officer
Tatsiana Paulouskaya Senior Manager