The Worlds 2020 Finals are here!

08 November 2020 12:00 Games TOP

The League of Legends World Championship is the most-watched and the most influential esports tournament in the entire world. Commonly known as “Worlds”, this annual grand tournament brings together the very best teams of the main regions around the world to one international stage. The best teams from the main regions like China, Europe, Korea, and North America fight to become the best of the best, and also to take home millions of dollars in cash prizes and a grand trophy. Worlds have given influence to many esport tournaments and leagues of different games and it has also proven the world that esport is as trendy and relevant as any other sport by gaining millions in viewership.

The Worlds celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and the tournament is being held in Shanghai, China. The entire event/tournament is conducted without a live audience due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic but fans can tune in live on many streaming platforms to catch the very heating action. The group stage of the tournament started on September 25 with play-ins and ended on October 11 with the top seeds advancing to the quarter-finals. 24 teams fought in 4 groups and the best 8 to advance to the finals were Top Esports, Fnatic, Suning, JD Gaming, Gen G, G2 Esports, Damwon Gaming, and DRX. The quarterfinals are currently taking place and the grand finals are set to take place on October 31 with a grand entertainment-filled event.

Following are some streaming platforms from which you can tune in to catch up with the heating competition and all the entertainment the event brings;

Pick’em 2020 and other rewards

No Worlds tournament is fun without the iconic feature Riot introduced to reward the loyal fans for their predictions in the tournament, Pick’em. Pick’em returns for this year’s Worlds event with a lot more rewards than the previous year. Players/fans can win in-game chests, Blue Essence, and the ultimate prize, all the most expensive in-game skins, and even a chance to win an Alienware PC.

Along with those enticing Pick’em rewards, Riot also hands out extra rewards just for watching the tournament online! You can win ingame capsules, Blue Essence, and even chests by watching matches live or on the VOD section.

Grand Finals

What fans are really looking forwards to is the final day of the tournament, which is packed with a lot of entertainment and action. Artists perform live on the Worlds stage and a great show is put up by various visuals and most fans are looking forward to it. To make things even better, a brand new in-game champion called Seraphine and a new skin-line are also set to be released on the grand final day and fans are excited! What are your predictions and are you excited too?

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