New GTA 6 Rumors Surfaced

28 February 2021 12:00 Games

It’s been almost 8 years since Grand Theft Auto 5’s release. The game joined the history books as one of the best games to be ever created. Fans all over the world loved the explorable world of San Andreas Rockstar brought in this game and it was definitely one huge leap in the GTA franchise. After its initial release, Rockstar has been working on enhancing the game on all platforms and made GTA online one of the biggest multiplayer games in the current times. The journey of the game still hasn’t stopped. A new enhanced version of it is coming to the new generation of consoles this 2021 with extra content and better visuals. It is undeniable that the game is among the greatest of all time and Rockstar releasing another GTA game is inevitable. However, it has been too long since the game came out and fans are desperately looking forward until Rockstart breaks the silence and make an announcement about their next project.

Fortunately, fans still have hope as there have been some leaks about the next GTA game over the past couple of years. The first leak or the clue to a new GTA IP was first leaked/revealed through a voice actor’s portfolio, back in 2019. He mentioned that he has been working with Rockstar on their upcoming GTA 6 game and still no one knows the integrity of this information up-to-date. The next big leak happened around the same time where a leaker mentioned some serious information about the next GTA title’s setting, plot, characters, and storyline. After that, there was complete silence for over a year before some exciting news popped up, hinting Rockstar is actually working on a new game. This time Rockstar has patented a new AI system that is said to bring more advanced NPCs and interactions to video games. The last time they patented something similar was for Red Dead Redemption 1/2. This new patent could very much mean that it is for a new game, possibly GTA VI.

However, the biggest leak or the most informative one came out very recently. It confirmed all the details about the game that was leaked years ago such as the setting, plot, etc., and this time an estimated reveal date was rumored too. The old rumors suggest the following points:

  • The next title has been in development since 2012 although the production only properly started in 2015.
  • Codename is PROJECT AMERICAS featuring a 1970s-1980s setting.
  • It Will feature Vice City and a new fictional city based on Rio de Janeiro.
  • Features one playable protagonist and the story is inspired by Netflix’s Narcos.
  • The release will only be on next-gen consoles.

The new rumors suggest the following:

  • Set in modern-day Liberty City and features 4 playable characters.
  • The story is based on a gang/drug ring.
  • The release could be as early as holidays 2021, or later 2022 or 2023.

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