League of Legends Season 2021 Overview

24 January 2021 12:00 Games

Season 10 of League of Legends came to an end last December, and the preseason patch added several updates to the game. Some major changes that we saw in preseason were: the reworked in-game shop, item updates, a few rift updates, a brand new champion, some rank updates, and a few client updates. Now the preseason has also finally come to an end, and the real 2021 season has officially commenced.

What is new?

Apart from what players had already seen in the preseason, the new season packs a lot of new content and changes. These changes include new champions, new skin-lines, new game modes, and a whole new TFT update. The new season launched with an amazing cinematic trailer that gives us a good idea about what’s coming up this year. The trailer was titled “Ruination,” and it shows some context for the game’s amazing lore. It depicts a story related to the Shadow Isles and introduces a legend of the lore, the Ruined King. He is also set to hit the game as the 154th champion, under the name ‘Viego.’ The season’s launch also featured a community poll where players got to vote on what skin thematics Riot should bring back this year and which champion should get a rework on visuals and gameplay.

Following is the overview of some major changes you can expect in this new season:

  • Four new champions – Viego, a top-lane mage, a new artillery mage, and a new multi-position marksman
  • Over 140 new skins with new skin-lines
  • TFT update – new champions, two new sets, and new ways to play the game
  • Updates to the esports scene – revamped LCS format
  • The global release of Wild Rift

Esports Changes

The LCS series is seeing some major changes to its format this year. These changes include some alterations to the traditional structure of the league, including brand new events like LCS Lock In and Mid-Season Showdown. The LCS Lock In tournament is a preseason tournament where the teams get together for a competition focused mainly on having fun. Along with their prize money, winners also get to donate to a charity of their choice. Mid-Season Showdown is basically the playoffs rebranded under a new name. The winner of this event earns their spot at the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI).

Worlds 2021

China will once again host the main event of the year: the League of Legends World Championship. This time, the main city for the tournament is Shenzhen, China’s technology and innovation hub, and the whole tournament is set to take a multicity format. Riot states that the 2021 Worlds event is going to be their biggest one yet, even topping last year’s online event.

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