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We are living in an age when technology is evolving faster than ever. Tech giants and small businesses alike are highly involved in the industry and the race for innovation, and as a result, human beings are living the most convenient lives we ever could haveimagined. For example, Apple and Samsung have been having a battle for the number one spot in the smartphone world for almost a decade now. However, this heated technological race has presented consumers with countless similar products, leaving them all confused (and sometimes fooled) with millions of products from which to choose. Researching the right products for your needs can be a headache and a real time commitment. But don’t worry! Kokovolta will save you hours of research by showcasing the very best of different types of products, specialized for your needs and buying criteria.

What is Kokovolta?

Kokovolta is your closest friend in the technology world, keeping you informed about the most innovative products on the market. The company was built upon thousands of ingenious  ideas and infused with the mission to provide customers with the most useful, worthwhile electronic products available.  Kokovolta will answer all of your questions regarding techy products, along with offering you some of the best pieces of tech you will ever see, for affordable prices. We review, rank, and showcase the very best, most life-changing products on the market to help our consumers make informed choices. We also keep our audience updated about the tech and gaming world, with regular news posts and fun articles.

Kokovolta USB 3.0 Hub

Kokovolta also features products of our own, which are built for the sole purpose of offering the highest value for your money. One of our best-selling products is the Kokovolta USB 3.0 Hub. Although technology develops rapidly with each passing day, USB ports still play a vital role in all types of devices. Almost all electronic users who rely on USB ports for their devices have a common issue: most devices lack extra USB ports. Luckily, USB Hubs with additional external USB ports are around make life easier, and Kokovolta’s USB 3.0 Hub is definitely among the top of this line.

The Vertical Data Hub by Kokovolta is a USB Hub that supports up to four USB 3.0 ports, all of which can transfer data at around 5GBps (ten times faster than USB 2.0). This speed is ideal for transferring loads of HD movies, games, and other large files in no time. The Hub also has faster charging than its competitors, allowing you to charge your devices quickly and conveniently. It supports all devices, ranging from Xbox One, PS4, Mac, Personal Computers, TVs, and other electronics. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use the device, as it’s plug-and-play ready.

The vertical hub has a sleek, white, simple design; it’s easy to carry and takes up minimal space. The design also works well with other devices, giving you a pleasing aesthetic you didn’t even know you needed. The RGB lighting is a crazy “plus” for all the RGB fanatics out there, making rigs look even cooler. The look of the Hub is inspired by pricier brands like Alienware, but we offer it at a very affordable price.

Keep updated about the latest news in the gaming and the tech worlds, and make the choices that give you the best value for your money and for all the time you spend on your tech products. Make your lives more convenient, easier, and smarter with Kokovolta

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