Hyper Scape

30 August 2020 12:00 Games

Ready Player One is the dream of many gamers out there. It showcases a virtual reality game that future humans can use to escape their unpleasant reality. Hyper Scape may be the very first step towards this concept. Hyper Scape is an upcoming first-person shooter battle royale game by Ubisoft. The game isn’t much different from any other battle royale game, but it does have more fun twists. The gameplay involves 99 other players, and whoever survives until the last sector stands a chance to win the game. In the final zone, or sector, a crown appears; whoever can hold onto it for 45 seconds wins the game. What makes the game stand out from the rest of its genre is its action-based elements, including integration of gameplay elements (like “hacks”), which gives special temporary abilities to the player.

And that’s not all! Ubisoft has introduced a whole new gameplay system in which the game is linked to Twitch, and the viewers can create different outcomes. The fun and challenging part about it is that an in-game AI controls the game, and she is capable of changing the map, revealing all allies and enemies, and even giving out unlimited ammo buffs. However, this AI can be influenced by actual viewers on Twitch to change the pace and the intensity of the match. The concept of this gameplay is wrapped around the idea of “bringing streamers, players, and viewers

together into one thing.” This way of incorporating real life into the game actually looks very interesting, and it might just be a new gameplay system that future games will adopt. It looks exciting on paper, but time will tell if it is going to work out.

The game was first revealed to the public on July 2, 2020, when streamers began playing it out of nowhere. Later, it was officially announced through a trailer and has been getting gamers’ attention worldwide since then. The game was first released as a closed beta version in which Twitch viewers could get access to it by watching its streams. The open beta version was soon released to the public after the official showcase on the Ubisoft Forward live event. The game is set to officially release on August 11, 2020, and a lot of gamers are excited to see how good it will turn out to be.

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