Everything We Know About the Dead Space Remake So Far

12 September 2021 12:00 Games TOP

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Despite being one of the most celebrated horror video game franchises of all time, Dead Space is a name that was last heard over a year ago before eventually being abandoned by EA due to its troubled development and unsatisfactory sales – both of which were the publisher’s own fault. Fans had been waiting for a fourth game to take the series back to its roots, but, with the developers being disbanded by EA, the chances of that happening seemed very slim.

While rumors of a remake started circulating not too long ago, it was hard for anyone to believe them due to how uninterested EA has been in the franchise. All doubts were shot down, however, when the remake was finally revealed at the EA Play Live event in July of 2021, and we already know a couple of things about it at the moment. So, here’s everything that we know about the upcoming Dead Space remake so far.

No Load Screens

The Dead Space games have hardly had any load times in general, since the games cleverly hid loading behind cutscenes or by having the protagonist travel in trams so that the next area could subtly load in the background. These touches just added to the atmosphere of the games, rather than feeling like a waste of time the player must simply wait out.

The remake will take this a step further, removing load times altogether – which will make it a very seamless experience that will not have to be slowed down at any point.

The Engine and Platforms

An official comparison screenshot between the graphics of the original and its remake.

The Dead Space remake will run on the in-house Frostbite engine, rather than something more common like Unreal. Fortunately, the Frostbite engine is quite versatile, allowing for great visual fidelity and realistically destructible environments – aspects that will surely be beneficial for the remake.

The platforms are exclusively next-gen for the Dead Space remake, as it has been confirmed for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S & X, and PC. The fact that the game is not being released on the PS4 or Xbox One goes to show that the team does not want to compromise in any way. Given how few non-cross-gen games exist at the moment, it’s definitely a win for fans of the series hoping for a true ninth-generation entry.

No Microtransactions

One of the primary reasons behind the failure of Dead Space 3 was the fact that EA wanted it to encourage the purchase of microtransactions. Fortunately, it has already been announced that the Dead Space remake will not feature microtransactions of any kind; instead, we’ll have a proper single-player experience that focuses on providing a faithful and unforgettable experience.

Isaac Will Speak

One of the most notable things about the first Dead Space is that, unlike later games, Isaac did not speak at all. That is being changed for the remake, however, as it has been confirmed that Isaac will be a bit more talkative this time around, especially if he is being spoken to or is in a situation where being silent would feel odd.

Before you ask – yes. The original voice actor for Isaac is coming back for the role.

An Improved Story

While the developers of the remake have claimed that the story will mainly remain the same as the original, they have also stated that there will be a few changes. Most notably, such changes will include an expanded connection to the overall lore of the franchise that was introduced by the following games in the series, which should make it feel less isolated than the original game felt compared to everything else.

Additionally, the developers have said that they will make the side characters feel more relevant, too, and that the player will feel more motivated to find Nicole than they did when her original character was a bit vague.

Improved Dismemberment

Whether you generally enjoy violence in video games or not, we can all agree that it was a lot of fun tearing the infected enemies of Dead Space apart, limb by limb. As it turns out, the remake is going to take things to the next level, with improved dismemberment that will feel a bit more realistic without losing the slight wackiness that made it so much fun in the first place.

An All-New Team

As much as we all want the original developers to be involved, their studio was unfortunately shut down by EA a long time ago and the employees have since moved on. As a result, the Dead Space remake is being developed by EA Motive, with a completely new team that seems passionate enough for the upcoming game.

Zero-Gravity Movement

One of the most welcomed additions in the Dead Space sequels was the ability to move around in zero-gravity, unlike the first game, where you could only jump from the ground to a spot on the opposite part of the map. Fortunately, the gameplay footage that has been displayed so far seems to confirm that you will have more free movement in zero-gravity in the remake, which is a change that everyone is happy to see.

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That’s all that we know about the Dead Space remake so far. We don’t have a release date yet or a more comprehensive look at what the game is going to be like, but the information that we have so far is clearly exciting for fans and newcomers alike! We can expect to see more next year, and we’ll keep you updated when that happens.

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