08 August 2021 12:00 Games

The most epic comeback for any series by EA so far has to be Dead Space, which is making a return to its classic USS Ishimura setting in the brand-new remake of Dead Space! Dead Space is coming to the latest generation of gaming consoles and PC, resuming its former glory as a horror and survival classic amidst other titans. Dead Space was a revolutionary game when it first came out, so it is true that expectations for this remake will be tremendously high. The studio, EA Motive, has promised that they are working closely with fans of the original game to create a faithful retelling of Visceral’s masterpiece!

This news broke during EA’s latest EA Play Live broadcast, which the company occasionally holds to show off their upcoming titles and promote their content. The expected titles were showcased in their full glory, such as their new FIFA game, Apex Legends’ new season, and the upcoming multiplayer game Battlefield 2042. What fans didn’t expect to see this time around, however, was the man himself – Isaac Clarke – returning to the USS Ishimura after a terrifying alien outbreak. So, without further ado, let’s get right into everything that we know about the terrifying remake!


To start off, the original Dead Space game was gorgeous on its release back in 2008. It had a fearful atmosphere with plenty of dark corners and immersive graphical fidelity at that time. With the remake, however, EA Motive is going all out! They have integrated the game into the Frostbite engine, which is one of the most graphically advanced engines to date.

The game will only be releasing on the latest generation of consoles and PC, which means that there won’t be constraints required in building the game to make it available for the previous generation of consoles such as the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. The game will be exclusive to modern hardware: Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and (possibly) the new Valve Steam Deck and PC. This puts absolutely zero limits on EA Motive, as they can make the game as graphically impressive as they like!


There isn’t much information on the gameplay aspects of the Dead Space remake, however, we know one thing for sure: the developers want to involve the fans! During the video in which the developers talked about the game, they mentioned that they are working closely with fans of the original game to help create the perfect, faithful remake that fans expect.

The game will also be completely seamless, with no loading screens whatsoever – just make sure to utilize your SSDs! You can go from one part of the map to another without having to see a single loading screen. They have also mentioned their interest in adding features from the newer games, as well as creating new features specifically for the remake. In this way, they’ll be adding original elements to the series, while still paying respect to things that already exist in the universe.


There isn’t much info about the game, story-wise, and that is one aspect where the Dead Space remake needs to ensure a faithful adaptation. The original Dead Space game was a bit simple in its story presentation, which was usually delivered through collectibles and monologue-based conversations. The new one should focus on showcasing Isaac’s character a bit more while using the same format! They also need to make the game a bit longer in my opinion, though that is for them to decide for their own creative purposes, honestly.


For now, there is absolutely no release window for EA Motive’s upcoming remake of the classic horror franchise. We know one thing for sure, however: they will be taking their time with this project. They have mentioned that they are working with both fans and developers of the original games while creating this game completely from the ground up. That means that this project will likely take even longer than other remakes do.

An estimated release window of late 2022 or early 2023 is what most journalists are expecting due to the small amount known about the workings of the project. Though, those dates are just assumptions at the moment, as well.

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