Chargers – A Quick Guide

04 October 2020 12:00 Technologies

Mobile phones and other communication devices have become part of our modern lifestyle. In this fast-evolving technological era, everything has become more mobile for the convenience of our busy lives, and just about everything powers up from batteries. So it is pretty obvious that almost every household or individual needs chargers to keep their devices powered up. How much do you really need to know about chargers? Are you and your devices really up-to-date? Here is a quick guide on which chargers are best suited for you and your devices in 2020.

What charger you should get?

Almost every device that you buy today ships with a charger of its own, which might work out fine for most users. But most of the devices you buy or own, such as mobile phones, laptops, etc., also have more charging speed capabilities, and you might not even know it. For instance, you may need to upgrade your stock iPhone charger to get the maximum charging speeds out of your iPhone, as most of them don’t ship with a high wattage charger. Most Android devices aren’t charging up to speed capacity, either. Also, you’ve probably had times when you wished for more ports on your charger to charge up multiple devices simultaneously. Well, some chargers are out there that you never even knew about or knew you needed, until now. It’s time to upgrade your charger! Following are some chargers you can get right now to step up your charging game.

  1. Anker PowerPort III Nano – Best iPhone/Android Charger

Apple often annoys its customers, as most of their devices don’t ship with the proper accessories that fulfill the devices’ full potentials. iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS have fast charging capabilities, but they ship with only a slower 5W USB adapter. If you want to charge your phone faster, you need to get the separately-sold 18W USB adapter or go with a third-party option. The most ideal choice in this case is to go with a third-party adapter, as the Apple charger is pretty pricey compared to other alternatives. Anker PowerPort III Nano is the ideal alternative; it delivers the right amount of power to get the maximum charging capabilities out of your iPhone. This 18W little guy is compact and as cute as the name suggests. The Nano version comes with just one USB-C port, but you can get the Anker PowerPort III Duo to charge two at once. However, you might need to get a USB-C to Lightning cable as well, and it also works fine with most Androids.

  1. Anker PowerWave 10 – Best Wireless Charger

Wireless charging is the future. Most devices are slowly adapting to this tech, and if you own a mobile phone that supports wireless charging you might want to consider getting one. Anker PowerWave 10 is probably the best choice, as it delivers great charging speeds at an absolute steal of a price. This slim charger supports 5-10W of charging power for most devices, so it is the best wireless charger on this list.

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