Best Microphones for Gamers – 2021

14 March 2021 12:00 Technologies

A struggle almost all gamers face every day is getting their voice heard clear and loud while gaming. Not all gamers have high-quality gaming headsets that come with top-of-the-line gaming headsets and not all the best gaming headsets come with great microphones, fitting all scenarios. So it is inevitable that you might need to consider getting a separate microphone for your set-up, regardless of your use case scenario, whether it is for gaming, streaming, recording, or even just for Zoom meetings. Here are the top 4 gaming/streaming microphones you can get right now to have your voice heard by your collegues loud and clear in 2021.

01. HyperX Quadcast S – Best Overall Gaming Mic

HyperX is a well know peripheral producer in the gaming market, especially when it comes to audio related one. And this is the best microphone HyperX has to offer to gamers worldwide. HyperX Quadcast comes with great vocal clarity and flashy gamer accents. The name of the mic refers to it being equipped for four polar patterns. The flashy USB mic equips RGB to match your RGB-lit setup and also ships with a great shock mount to save you some money and unwanted noises.

02. Elgato Wave 3 – Best Streaming Mic

Elgato isn’t known for microphones but for being extremely streamer-friendly. The debut Elgato mic series features some top-of-the-line audio qualities and some features that come in real handy for streamers. The Elgato Wave 3 is the best of the series and packs great audio quality but at the price of being a single cardioid polar pattern. The mic’s main selling point is its advanced features and support for Elgato Stream Deck along with advanced OBS and Xsplit compatibility. The mic is also compact and easy to use with its great set of controls.

03. Blue Yeti X – Best Mic for Podcasting

If you are looking for nothing but the best sound quality you can get out of a Mic, Blue Yeti is the way to go. Blue Yeti X in particular packs top-notch sound quality along with a LED-lit front panel allowing you to instantly monitor your volume levels at a glance. The support for Blue Vo!ce software makes things even better as you can get presets saved to sound even crispier. Yeti X supports all Cardioid, Bidirectional, Omnidirectional, and Stereo polar patterns and it is probably the best sounding Blue mic in the market right now.

04. HyperX SoloCast – Best Budget Gaming Mic

HyperX manages to once again appear on the list with SoloCast being the best budget mic you can get right now. HyperX SoloCast sounds as good as its more expensive sibling Quadcast. The mic comes with a Unidirectional Cardioid Polar Pattern as the name ‘solo’ suggests but stands out from the rest of the competition with its top-notch sound quality. It is also extremely portable and affordable compared to its competitors and secures the spot for the best budget microphone easily.

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