Apple’s Next-gen Macs Showcase

06 December 2020 12:00 Technologies TOP

Apple recently hosted their last event of 2020, “One More Thing.” They held the event online, on November 10th, 2020. The name of the event was a reference to the iconic line that Steve Jobs said whenever he would make a special announcement. The entire event was, in fact, a surprise, where Apple revealed the future plans they have for their Mac lineup to the world. 

Following the latest iPhone 12 reveal, along with the introduction of the A14 Chip, Apple unveiled their latest CPU/Chip for the compact ARM-powered Mac lineup, M1. Some time back, Apple already made statements regarding their plans to transition into their own PC CPUs. The latest M1 chip takes the first step in this initiative, and Apple promises some dramatic performance improvements with their latest chip. Apple claims that the performance and efficiency improvements are dramatic, but they didn’t provide any real-life comparisons or proper benchmarks to back up these claims. However, Apple is known for delivering what they promise, so get ready for a revolutionary generation of Apple Macs!

The M1 Chip

At a glance, the M1 chip is a super-buffed version of the A14 Bionic chip. The five-nanometer processor contains eight cores; half of them are focused on high performance and the other half are focused on high efficiency. This chip is said to be 3.5xs faster than the last-gen and less power-consuming too. The M1 chip powers up the all-new MacBook lineup, which is also said to have dramatic performance improvements.

The New Mac Lineup

MacBook Air

The all-new MacBook Air brings the lightness and portability it is famous for, but with several new twists. With the M1 chip installed in the latest MacBook Air, Apple claims that it is 3.5xs faster in CPU performance and 5xs faster in graphics performance. The other eye-catching improvement was in the battery department. The new MacBook Air allegedly can last for up to 15 hours of wireless web browsing or up to 18 hours of video playback. That is six hours longer than the last MacBook Air.

The pricing starts at $999, and it is available starting 17 November.

MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro takes the game a step further. It is said to be 2.8xs faster than the previous generation, and it can deliver far better performance in code compiling, video transcoding, and high-resolution photo editing. It can last for up to 17 hours of web browsing and up to 20 hours of video playback, making it the Mac’s longest battery life, ever.

The Price starts at $1299.

Mac Mini

Mac Minis are slowly losing their popularity and demand, but the new Mac Mini makes them more appealing to potential customers. It is allegedly 3xs faster than the last-gen and has 6xs faster graphics too. The best part is that it is $100 cheaper than the previous-gen, starting at just $699.

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