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21 June 2020 12:00 Games Technologies

With lots of hardware advancements in PCPC in recent years, it is now possible to play almost any game on a PCPC. Improved multicore processing, single-core processing, and dedicated graphics processing are among the hardware advancements that have excited gamers the most.  The games themselves are also being built to take advantage of these hardware improvements.

You may have all the hardware resources on your PC, but without the right accessories, your gaming experience may not be that interesting. Gaming PC accessories are those extra peripherals that don’t come with your PC but when added, make your gaming experience better. In this article, I am going to share the five accessories that will best enhance your gaming experience on the PC.

Wireless headphones

Nothing makes gaming more fun than the sounds that come from the games. Playing video games without sound is as bad as not playing the games at all. Your gaming PC may have some decent speakers, but the sound from headphones is always more detailed and will keep you more attentive to the game you’re playing than PC speakers. So why not get yourself wireless headphones?

For best results, it’s important you know the features of headphones that will give you the best experience. Some of these features include; the battery life, Bluetooth compatibility, sound quality and durability. Even if you don’t buy high-end headphones costing $400 plus, but always make sure you get headphones with at least Bluetooth version 4, 12 hours battery life, and HD sound quality. Some other features like ear comfort and color are also important as well.

Wireless gaming mouse

Even if you have the best touchpad in the world, using it to play games won’t give you the same gaming experience that you would get while using a wireless mouse. Some of the wireless mouse devices have inbuilt vibration that is often activated during certain events of the game. You can’t get the same thing from your Laptop’s touchpad.

When buying a mouse, you need to make sure you get one that has programmable buttons, RGB lighting, comfort in the hand, high precision and accuracy. For those who love the haptic feedback, make sure you confirm if the mouse you’re getting has that feature.

Wireless gaming keyboard

The keyboard on your laptop or desktop computer was primarily designed as a basic input device for letters and any other alphanumeric characters. With gaming, there are few more things that your keyboard needs to have if you’re to truly enjoy the gaming experience. Some of the features that your gaming keyboard should have include; multimedia keys, single color or RGB backlight (RGB is always a better option for most people), and macro keys.

USB hub for gamers

Most of the newer PCs are so slim which reduces the number of USB ports that can be added to them. Some PCs today actually come with one USB type A port. But as a gamer, you will always want to add a couple of accessories to your pc and in most cases the USB ports will not be enough to accommodate all your accessories. That is why you will need a high-speed USB hub to attach some extra gaming accessories to your PC. 

VR gaming headsets

VR headsets may not be a must have but if you start using them, you may never want to play any game that doesn’t have Virtual Reality (VR) support. Most of the new games today have VR support. Virtual reality (VR) is basically technology that simulates the gaming events into a reality while you’re playing the game. For instance, if you’re playing a war game with VR gaming headsets on, you will literally feel like you’re in the battle field which brings more emotions to the game.

Good VR headsets should have the following features; Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor or equivalent CPU, OLED display with a resolution of at least 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye, 4gb RAM, 60Hz refresh rate, 2 to 3 hours playtime battery, and at least 2 touch controllers.

PC gamepad

If you don’t want to use the keyboard and mouse while playing games, you may opt to get a PC gamepad/controller to get the job done. A good number of gamers actually prefer using dedicated controllers over the mouse and keyboard. A good controller should have comfortable buttons with RGB or single-color backlighting, Bluetooth version 4 or 5, and adjustable thumbsticks. The rest of the relevant features may vary from player to player but those are the minimum that you should look for while getting your next gaming controllers.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of other gaming accessories but with the above, you will be good to go. Some of these accessories may not be used simultaneously as they serve the same purpose. For instance, you cannot use the mouse and keyboard alongside a gaming controller. You will either choose between the mouse and keyboard or the gaming controllers.

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