Ghost of Tsushima

02 August 2020 12:00 Games

2020 is an important year in the gaming industry. A generation of gaming consoles is coming to an end, and a whole new generation is being introduced. Also, several highly anticipated games, like The Last of Us Part 2 and Cyberpunk 2077, are being released. Another game that fans were dying to get their hands on was Ghost of Tsushima, and it is finally out.The game was released on July 17, 2020, and it is the hottest talk of the town. The game’s ratings and reviews are almost perfect; it is a “must play” right now. The action-adventure game melds the Japanese culture and a samurai story in an amazing format. Sucker Punch Production (famous for the “Infamous” series), developed Ghost of Tsushima. They have successfully delivered a vivid, truly Japanese setting by blending a unique art style with different Japanese cultural elements. The game is “stealth” based, as the title “Ghost” suggests. You can either play recklessly or embrace the creative and brilliant stealth elements the game offers to become a true assassin.

Ghost of Tsushima redefines the action-adventure open world game genre with some innovative mechanics never seen in a similar AAA game. The game minimizes the use of HUD elements and introduces actual game environment elements instead. For example, it doesn’t feature a map HUD or directions for waypoints, but as a player you can open the main map and get the dynamic wind element to guide you to locations. Similarly, visible smoke and animals will guide you to other points of interest. Ghost of Tsushima also incorporates some RPG elements, such as armor/clothing customization, etc. Everything, from the combat to exploring the world, is a fresh experience.Apart from all the gameplay mechanics, the game’s graphics and music are also exceptional. The developers have stated that they were inspired by samurai movies when they were designing the game. The colorful environments, filled with sakura trees and grassy fields, create a moody look. The beauty of the island of Tsushima is consistent throughout, and it absolutely does feel like you are living in a samurai movie. One point of criticism is the unpolished lip-syncing and facial animations, but if you can put those tiny flaws behind you, you are in for a great treat. Ghost of Tsushima is truly a masterpiece!

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