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How often have you had to strain to reach around behind your computer, get under your desk, or weave through a massive clutter of cables just to find a USB port?

When it comes to computers in modern technology, there is always a USB port shortage, and no easy way to use your card reader without a USB port.

That's why KOKOVOLTA is empowering people everywhere with a cutting-edge USB Powered High Speed Hub.


Different individuals and commercial electrical gadgets have been manufactured to suit various needs of people like food processor, USB player, FM radio, wireless CCTV camera, speaker, etc. These electronic appliances are very helpful in performing different activities of our daily routine thereby saving manual energy, stress and reducing time spent at work. They are also used for many other benefits like monitoring health, entertainment and providing safety to us.

For kitchen use, there are numerous of electrical gadgets available like ovens, electrical stoves, sandwich electric cookers, makers, electric kettles, toasters, chapatti or roti makers, juicers, coffee makers, mixers, blenders, grinders, chopper/slicers, ice makers and fridge, various food processors, etc. All these electrical appliances have made the women to work with ease in the kitchen. It makes the cooking processes to be faster thereby reducing time spent.

For house hygiene and cleaning purposes, there are numerous gadgets like steam mop cleaners, vacuum cleaners, automatic air fresheners and air purifiers, shoe polishing machines, etc. With the help of these machines, home and office environment can be monitored with adequate hygiene and cleanliness.

For privacy, safety and emergency reasons, you can book for some electrical appliances like flash light torch, electric door lock, invertor, video door phone, electric bell, etc. All these electrical gadgets are basically designed for individual and personal use of people.

There are other designs which are available on kokovolta.com and which are used for public and commercial purposes like wireless CCTV camera and GPS navigator, etc. GPS navigators are basically used to locate the appearance of a person on the global map. It also aids him in examining the routes to reach a certain destination and also in knowing some other information like climate and distance, available hotels or other places at the destination. The wireless CCTV camera is popularly used these days at all commercial places like hotels, banks, airports, ATMs, parking places, shopping malls, subways and lifts also as a safety appliance. It is very useful in preventing crimes. In addition, it is commonly used by traffic police for regulating traffic jams at all junctions of roads. This is also used for intercommunication at commercial places and large functions, in subways and lifts, etc. in times of emergency.

For body grooming and bathrooms purposes, we had different designs of clothes dryers, washing machines, water heaters, electronic shavers, hand and body dryers and other body grooming kits, etc. with the assistance of which you are chanced to keep yourselves well groomed, trim and smart.

For entertainment purpose, we have a vast range of gadgets like UShi-fi TV sets and LCD sets, B player sets, home theatres, CD players, DVD players, FM Radio sets, walkie-talkies MP3 players, , video games, speakers, head phones voice recorders, , car audio and video systems, cameras, iPhones, iBall and iPods, set top boxes of various cable TV service providers, etc.